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I became very active in sports ever since I graduated from high-school in 1977. In high-school, just like any other Iranian youth, my favorite and only sport was soccer. I would always get depressed those days that our gym teacher, Mr. Jaberi, would make us either run, play basketball, or engage in any sport other than soccer. After high-school and after I moved to the U.S., since I did not have a lot of friends to play soccer with, my interest in soccer slowly faded and I became more interested in individual sports such as tennis, running, cycling and swimming.

It was shortly after my interest in these individual sports that I decided to compete in some events, both to establish a goal for myself and to quench my thirst for competition.

Since 1991, I have been competing as an amateur triathlete in triathlon races worldwide. My accomplishments include 6 Ironman triathlons including Ironman Mont Tremblant in 2013, Ironman Coeur D'Alene in 2012, Ironman Arizona in 2010 , Ironman Canada in 2008, Ironman USA Lake Placid in 2007 and The Great Floridian in 1998, 25+ Half-Ironman distance triathlons, and 250+ other types of races. I have also competed in 5 separate World Triathlon Championship (ITU) races representing Iran. I have won my age group and placed top three in my age group in several triathlons sponsored by The Triathlantic Association, Piranha Sports and The Columbia Triathlon Association. As of 2014, I was nationally ranked 1,241st in the country.

Aside from the sport of Triathlon, I am also an avid skier and runner and have competed in 53 marathons and ultra-marathons in 33 states + DC, including Boston (3), New York City (4), Marine Corps (6), Chicago, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Miami, Los Angeles , Houston, Steamtown (PA), Myrtle Beach, Seattle, Detroit, Hartford, New Jersey, Delaware, Nashville Country Music, St. George (Utah), Arizona R&R, NC Outer Banks, New Orleans Mardis Gras, R&R DC Marathon and Pittsburgh marathon. I also belong to the 50 States Marathon Club, which tracks runners running a marathon in all 50 states. For more detailed information about my athletic activities and personal achievements and records, please refer to my Athletic Activities & Achievements page. To read an article, that includes several action photos, written about my triathlon achievements, please refer to the Iranian Sports Homepage . If you would like to view my family, as well as competition-related photos, please see my Photo Gallery.

To read an article written about my Triathlon achievements, that also includes many action shots, please go to the Iranian Sports Homepage.

My National Triathlon Ranking since 1997:

1997: 696th
1998: 823rd
2000: 685th
2001: 626th
2002: 1,119th
2003: 1,416th
2004: 583rd
2005: 1,135th
2006: 690th
2007: 736th
2008: 1,385th
2009: 999th
2010: 740th
2011: 1,241st
2012: 1,334th

Below is a partial list of my achievements in the sports of running:

Race Name Distance Overall Time Year Overall Pace Rank Out Of
Piece of Cake 10K 10K 48:42 2005 7.5 77 225
Georgetown 10K 10K 48:47 1993 7.51 1131 2707
Pike's Peek 10K 10K 48:49 2015 7.52 483 2398
Turkey Chase 10K 48:52 2011 7.52 627 4090
Sallie Mae 10K 10K 48:54 1992 8 3 22
Harvest Moon Classic 10K 49:18 1992 7.56 190 383
Lawyers Have Heart 10K 49:25 1992 7.57 442 715
Piece of Cake 10K 10K 49:54 2016 8.02 66 104
Vermont Marathon Marathon 5:00:52 2016 11.33 1479 1894
Georgetown 10K 10K 50:23 1992 8.07 1490 2992
Across the Bridge Run 10K 50:26 2014 8.07 1129 14967
Piece of Cake 10K 10K 51:18 2015 8.16 122 349
Frozen Slopes 9K 8K 51:36 2011 9.34 80 184
Frozen Slopes 9K 9K 51:41 2012 9.16 65 233
Frozen Slopes 9K 8K 55:46 2013 9.59 71 153

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